What facials you should try in Brisbane


While we have had a lot of time at home to perfect our “At-Home” skincare routine this year, there still remains a need for professional attention. Facials are an integral part of skin management, and for good treatment outcomes to be maintained, it is so important that you understand what the therapist is doing and how you can best cooperate with the therapist to reach your goals. Attending a consultation before any treatment is highly recommended as this ensures that the specific requirements of your skin are addressed.

If you have never had a facial before, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Here is a brief explanation of some of our most recommended facials you should get in Brisbane.

GERnétic Signature Facial

Ideal for all skins, this luxurious facial treatment will enhance the overall health and vitality of the skin. Essential nutrients work on a cellular level to immediately nourish and restore the health, balance and vitality of your skin.

Intensive Hydrating

The ultimate facial to replenish the skin with essential moisture and diminish signs of premature ageing. This moisture rich treatment delivers hydration to the stratum corneum encouraging the delivering of water molecules to the basal cells to preserve their moisture whilst plumping surface layers, eliminating fine lines.  The end result is an instant glow. The skin regains its suppleness and softness with a more youthful complexion and an acceleration of skin cells renewal.

Anti- Stress Oxygenating Facial

A customised treatment to relieve the signs of stress and restore a peaceful complexion. This unique facial targets tired and lifeless skins on four levels: energising, hydrating, oxygenating and nourishing. Irritated skin will appear more relaxed and blissfully radiant.

Intensive Calming

A soothing facial designed to nurture and decongest sensitive skins. This gentle facial delivers essential nutrition, targeting specific skin cells to enhance the skins immunity while strengthening its defence barrier to achieve a balanced and calm complexion.

Deluxe Anti-ageing Facial

Experience a unique blend of age-defying peptides, proteins and enzymes working together to strengthen, rebuild, hydrate and firm an ageing skin. This facial will boost cell renewal, increase fibroblast activity, improve micro-circulation and the elimination of toxins, revive the activity of sebaceous glands. The skin regains its youthful elasticity, suppleness and radiant glow.

Purifying Facial

A detoxifying and balancing facial to deep cleanse and purify the skin by stimulating its natural defences. A concentrated blend of plant extracts and amino acids are absorbed into the skin to assist in regulating sebum production, eliminate impurities, refine pores and re-balance the skin. The skin is left feeling refreshed, purified and calmed.

Parfait Facial – Intense Anti-ageing Facial

A super intense facial treatment using the most advanced scientific research on cellular therapy. A treatment for any woman over the age of 40. The intense anti-ageing facial is composed of a unique blend of age-defying peptides, proteins and enzymes, working together to strengthen, rebuild, hydrate and firm an ageing skin. This facial treatment boosts cell renewal increases fibroblast activity and improves micro-circulation.

La Peau offers a variety of different facials in Brisbane that aim to improve the complexion of your skin. Get in contact with us today to book a FREE virtual consultation and our staff will personally recommend a facial that specifically targets your skin needs for healthier looking skin!


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