Treat tired, dull skin with ClairDerm Microdermabrasion

Thanks to cosmetic technology, you can now look and feel younger with one simple non-invasive procedure, Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion leaves your skin looking youthful and bright, as the layers of dead and damaged skin cells are removed leaving you with smooth, firm and brighter looking skin. ClairDerm Microdermabrasion can unclog pores, blackheads, and whiteheads while also minimising acne breakouts!

After several sessions of Microdermabrasion, you’ll start to see amazing results over time. If you are wanting to minimise wrinkles and decrease ageing skin, Microdermabrasion is definitely the treatment for you. Your technician will recommend to you how often you should be coming in for treatment depending on your skin condition. Weekly treatments are recommended for the first month to see results faster and more consistently, however having a treatment once a month will still be effective.

What is ClairDerm Microdermabrasion?

ClairDerm Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, gentle process of using corundum crystals accelerated onto the skin’s surface to abrade layers of dead and damaged skin cells. On completion of the abrasive process, a vacuum suction whisks away the crystals and the unwanted abraded skin particles leaving your skin smoother, brighter, firmer and with a course of procedures, blemish free. By removing the top layer of skin, the body naturally replaces the lost skin cells with healthy, new cells. Blood flow is also stimulated improving cell production and skin elasticity.

At La Peau Skin Rejuvenation we offer 3 different types of ClairDerm Microdermabrasion packages.
1. 60 Minute face only
2. 70 Minute face and décolletage
3. 75 Minute premium package that includes face, neck, and décolletage as well as a skin management treatment

How to care for your skin after Microdermabrasion

After treatment you’ll definitely be experiencing your post-micro glow. Your skin will be soft to the touch and your makeup-free confidence will be at an all time high! These tips will help you take care of your skin after Microdermabrasion.

– Keep the skin cool and calm. Try not to take hot showers, use saunas, or steam rooms on the first day of treatment.
– Have a gentle skin care routine for the first couple of days. Ask our technicians what is best for your skin type.
– Stay hydrated and rejuvenate your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water after treatment to rehydrate your skin.
– Don’t touch your skin. It’s common after treatment that your skin may start to peel, avoid picking or peeling the skin.
– Try to stay sun safe. The new skin after treatment is particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays. Continue to apply SPF 50+ every four hours, something that is lightweight and doesn’t leave residue.

If you have any questions we can help advise, for the best course of treatment for your skin!

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