Kiss Goodbye to Flakiness this Winter

Winter is often associated with dry flaky skin HOWEVER it doesn’t always have to be that way with a good skincare regime. Winter is the perfect season to start doing those heavy-duty facial treatments and applying those thicker skincare products, which means byeeeeee lightweight products (for now). The blasting of heaters sure does keep you nice and toasty but it isn’t a great friend to your skin, remember to keep hydrated from the inside out with that good ol’ h2o for that dewy smooth skin.


Exfoliate Exfoliate EXFOLIATE

To get that beautiful baby butt smooth skin make sure you’re not skipping out on exfoliating. Not only will you be ridding yourself of dry spots but also maximising the penetration of any product you apply on top of your skin. Our Microdermabrasion service can remove that surface most layer of dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and more glowy complexion. This non-invasive treatment is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins as it’s absolutely gentle!!


Double Cleansing

Seems kind of weird to clean your face twice right? Little did you know this is the secret to a cleaner base and better absorption of product. Oil cleansers are a master at removing any impurities on your skin whilst not stripping your skin of any essential oils so you won’t get that squeak squeak clean sensation (p.s. you shouldn’t be aiming for that sensation in the first place) Follow this with a foam cleanser and massage it for at least 1 minute to ensure you remove any potential remaining trace of impurities. Skin not properly cleansed can result in acne and dullness which nobody be wanting…



Lock in all your hard work with a face mask or even better our Hydrating Facial to ensure you’re replenishing all the necessary nutrients back into your skin to get that blinding complexion. By delivering nourishment to the deeper layers of your skin, not only will you be experiencing more suppleness and elasticity to your skin but in the long term less wrinkles!!


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