Fraxel Laser! How this skin resurfacing treatment can help benefit you

Ageing, acne scars and sun damage as well as other contributing environmental factors can contribute to your skin looking less even than you would like it to be. Laser Fractional Resurfacing is a clinically proven treatment that naturally stimulates skill cell turnover and rejuvenation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage and revealing a new layer of glowy, healthy skin. You will start to see results after your first treatment, although 3-5 sessions are generally recommended to achieve your desired results. Your therapist will discuss this with you depending on your skin.

What makes Fraxel Laser stand out?

Fraxel delivers multiple columns of light energy into your skin to emulate a micro-wound that stimulates your skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation response. It enables your skin to remove dead or damaged skin cells, rebuild collagen and reveal newer layers of skin, leaving you fresher and youthful.

The process of Fraxel Laser

Fraxel is extremely efficient and precise at targeting only the desired treatment area, this makes recovery time easier and much quicker compared to surgical cosmetic procedures. You will experience some minor discomfort during the first week, but you can resume daily activities the next day with a few simple precautions.

– Day of treatment
Immediately after treatment, you will likely experience hotness, redness, and swelling similar to how sunburn feels. These effects should not last very long and can be treated using ice or a light moisturiser.

– Day after treatment
You should expect to notice reduced redness and heat, although you will still have minor swelling. You will most likely feel some skin tightness and dryness and you may even notice new skin starting to peep through.

– Day 2
You should expect most of the swelling and redness of your skin to go down. Using a light moisturiser regularly during the first couple of days is key to making sure you reach this stage. You may even notice your skin starting to peel.

– Day 3
Your face is probably itching and peeling and you’re dying to irritate it, don’t! Although this peeling may be irritating, it is a necessary element in the process of removing the damaged parts of your skin to create space for new, healthy skin. You should not exfoliate your skin in an attempt to speed up this process.

– 1 week
By the one-week mark, your skin should be getting close to normal. Although you may still experience minor skin imperfections after reaching this point, your face is likely to look and

feel normal by this time. If you decide that you would like another treatment session, you should schedule it for approximately 2-4 weeks from this time or speak to us!

So how does Fraxel Laser sound? If this seems like something you’re interested in feel free to give us a call and we can discuss further to see if this treatment is right for you!

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