Discover The Best GERnétic Products for Treating Acne Prone Skin.

If you’re reading this, you or someone you know has probably experienced the reality of Acne and how it can really lower your self-confidence. Acne affects 85% of Australians aged 15 to 24 and can really impact someone’s self-esteem. While it mainly tends to occur during our teenage years many of us can struggle with Acne right up until we are adults. Let’s take a closer look at what is Acne and how GERnétic products can approach it!

1. What is Acne?.

When you think of Acne you probably think of oily skin. This is partially true to an extent. Sebum is a naturally healthy skin lubricant and carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the skin’s surface. Problems arise such as whiteheads & blackheads when the skin produces too much sebum and causes the follicles to get blocked, forcing oil to build up under the skin.

Skin cells, sebum, and hair can clump together to form a plug. This plug gets infected with bacteria and swelling then starts to form. Acne comes in many different forms. Whiteheads, blackheads, comedonal acne, solid lesions etc. Acne can break out anywhere on the body, more specifically on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Not only does bacteria cause acne but it can be a sign of hormonal imbalance or digestive issues, which is why it is important to look after your gut health.

Acne Products from GERnétic

GERnétic has done extensive research on how their products can target acne breakouts, let’s take a closer look.

1. Derma Liquid Cleanser
Derma helps disinfect and clear oily and acne-prone skins. It is ideal for removing excessive oiliness while moisturising and balancing the skin’s pH. Derma is non-irritating and super gentle. Shop here:

2. Sebo-Ger Purifying Lotion
Sebo Ger Purifying Lotion is suitable for skins that tend to be oily with blackheads and pimples. Sebo Ger’s cleansing properties make it a natural antibiotic. It is also nourishing and remineralising, strengthening the skin’s immunity. Sebo Ger can reduce breakout and inflammation and should only be used on congested areas. Shop here:

3. Mixed & Oily Acne Cream
Mixed & Oily is a highly effective anti-acne cream that deactivates the formation of pimples and reduces scaly, red patches of skin. Shop here:

4. Octo Purifying Anti-Blackhead
Blackheads can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. GERnetic’s Octo is a gentle and exciting breakthrough in treating blackheads. Apply directly to the blackheads to minimise redness. Shop here:

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