GERnétic International is a revolutionary alternative skin care brand that harnesses advanced technology to bring nutrition through the skin.

Many skin care products strip and aggress the skin, making it more vulnerable to external harm. GERnétic’s approach is the exact opposite.

GERnétic’s Story

GERnétic was created in 1978 by Albert Laporte, a French cellular biologist and gerontologist who specialised in the study of the biological aspects of ageing.

Albert Laporte was working in the burn’s unit of a hospital in Paris where he developed a cream that not only healed burns and scars but also improved the overall health and condition of the skin.

GERnétic’s philosophy 

GERnétic’s products nourish and nurture the skin right down to the cellular level – gently feeding it the correct nutrients to enable it to renew and repair itself.

We understand that the body has a natural ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells receive nutritional and active molecules.

It’s a simple philosophy, based on advanced cellular biology and biotechnology. GERnetic’s active compounds, such as amino acids, peptides, trace elements, vitamins and proteins, are extracted from chlorella and organically grown plants. They are delivered deep into living cells and enhance the wellbeing and beauty of the skin.

GERnétic’s range of products:

GERnétic’s complete range addresses problems such as dehydration, wrinkles, skin sensitivity, Couperus, acne, rosacea, burns, scars, stretch marks, body contouring, cellulite and loss of elasticity.

It includes a specific range of bust products tailored to the needs of this delicate area.

GERnétic’s products are not tested on animals.

GERnétic is a radically peaceful solution to skin care.

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