Get that Holiday Glow


Mention facials to any of your friends and you’ll get a lot of envious looks! “How do you possibly have the time to pamper yourself?” What many may not realise is, facials are a significant piece of your skin care regime when achieving glowing skin! And if you are over the age of 40 then facials are even more so significant.


Facials are excellent in achieving clear, hydrated and youthful skin, and when performed correctly, are critical in anti-aging and preventative measures. Apart from relaxation, professional facials will boost collagen production, clear pores, remove dead skin cells, improve the appearance of fine lines and hydrate the skin.


As we approach the holiday season, December becomes a month of parties galore! We want to not only be looking our best but feeling our best. After all, being uncomfortable in your skin is one way to put you in a low mood and the last thing you need during the party season.


One of my favourite facials to recommend to my clients is the Parfait Facial, it is a great intense treatment using the most advanced scientific research on cellular therapy. The intense anti-aging facial is made up of a unique blend of age-defying peptides, proteins and enzymes, working together to strengthen, rebuild, hydrate and firm aging skin. The Parfait Facial boosts cell renewal, increases fibroblast activity and improves micro-circulation.


Before you start to think about DIY facials, remember that professional facials can be tailored to your skin type and needs. And while self-education is important, the techniques used by aestheticians cannot be learned in a day! Leave the assessing and planning of your skin regime to us and you’ll have more time to dwell over what you’re going to wear to your upcoming party.


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