#DidYouKnow: The skin naturally replaces itself every 40 days, but this process slows down as we age. Accumulated dead skin cells causes the skin to look dull as it doesn’t reflect light evenly.  Skin Peels are a procedure used to diminish imperfections by gently exfoliating the Stratum Corneum (the outer layer of the skin) peeling away dead cells and rejuvenating the skin – stimulating up your skin cell growth cycle, having many anti-ageing benefits.


They are designed to:

Minimise the appearance of surface lines
Smooth out rough or uneven skin texture
Aid in clearing acne
Help fade hyperpigmentation
Help unclog pores, decreasing the tendency for acne to develop


There’s no anaesthesia or sedation needed. You will feel a mild tingling sensation when the solution is applied.


The Medik8 Professional Peels are designed to gradually improve the appearance and texture of your skin without the irritation or disruption of lifestyle often accompanying chemical peels. When completed, you are ready to resume normal activities.

Skin Peels

More Benefits:

Peels can make your skin – and skin-care products work better as there are no dead cells impeding their penetration. In minutes, acids lift away dead cells and trigger a lovely chain reaction.
They’re low-risk and safe to use on every skin colour without risk of hyperpigmentation.


How to Look After your Skin Post-Peel


After your skin peel – ensure you adhere strictly to your technician’s post-care recommendations and avoid heavy makeup and ingredients that can irritate your skin.


If you must apply makeup – make sure that your makeup and brushes are all clean and bacteria-free. Also, it’s recommended to use mineral products that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin.


Then all that’s left to do is bask in the glow of your smoother, brighter-looking skin!

How To Get Started:


Skin Peels strengthens the outer layer of the skin while improving texture, softness, blemishes and uneven skin tone. It’s completely safe and suitable for everyone looking for a skin refresh.


Say goodbye to saggy and dull looking skin – and achieve the youthfulness you deserve with LA PEAU skin peels treatments! Don’t wait any longer – book a clear, brighter looking skin this Summer!


Treatments Offered –

Professional Peel Treatment (Face and Neck) – 45 minutes
Professional Peel Treatment (Face, Neck and Décolletage) – 45 minutes

*Products – Medik8 e3z11


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