Tips on achieving Beautiful Skin


We all have that friend or family member that just seems to be blessed with glowing, beautiful skin, but what we don’t realise is that it’s less about luck and more about daily, lifestyle habits! From the foods we eat to how much we sleep and what we sleep on, there are many small changes we can make in our daily routine to achieve beautiful skin.

Take a step forward toward your skin goals by introducing these healthy habits:


  1. Drink PLENTY of water

It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day and not just when you feel thirsty. When you already have this feeling of thirst your body is dehydrated, try and keep your body hydrated at all times and drink continuously during the day. The recommended intake of water a day is 2.7L for women and 3.7L for men, 20% of this intake can be from food, so snack on some watermelon or cucumber to keep yourself going.


  1. ALWAYS remove make up

We know, you get home late from work or from a fun-filled dinner with loved ones and all you want to do is jump into bed and doze off, but no matter how exhausted you are you must remove your make up. Removing your make up before bed makes a huge difference between glowing, flawless skin and oily, clogged skin. From acne to breakouts, clogged pores and aggravating fine lines, you do not want to risk the consequences of going to sleep with make up on! Jane Iredale Magic Mitt is fantastic at removing make up, its unique knitted micro-fibres rely only on water to penetrate and wipe away oil, grime and makeup.


  1. Be careful when removing eye make up

While we’re on the topic of make up, it’s important to mention the skin around our eyes. Most of us will rub and rub until our eyeliner has transformed into a smoky eye and call the job done. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on our face, so if we rub too harshly the skin can stretch and become prone to fine lines. Be gentle when removing eye make up and use soft, downward motions until your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara is completely gone. We love the Eye & Lip Micellar Cleanse by Medik8, it has the ability to remove long lasting make up products without the need to tug skin.


  1. Wear sunglasses!

As mentioned, the skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin, so it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses all year round. Apart from the obvious UV protection, sunglasses will prevent you from squinting and the less you repeatedly move those muscles, the less chance of crow’s feet. There are some great skincare products available specifically for this delicate area too. The GERnétic Gel Contour Yeux is perfect if you are looking for an eye cream that will aid in fighting ageing, free radicals and eyebags. Similarly, the Medik8 Advanced Day Eye Protect is an anti-ageing eye cream with sunscreen. It’s perfect for daytime use and is highly protective against all harmful properties including the sun.


  1. Get enough sleep (…on a CLEAN pillow)

This one is a no-brainer, getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a day will allow for your mind, body and skin to repair and refresh. What is sleep on is just as important if not more important than how much sleep you get! Our pillows are filled with dead skin cells, hair or skin products, saliva, sweat, you name it! There’s no shame in the natural processes of our sleep, but there is no excuse not to regularly change your sheets and pillowcases.


  1. Don’t touch your face

We’ve been hearing this phrase everywhere and anywhere for the past few months now and for good reason! While health experts are warning us from the risk of spreading viral infections by touching our eyes, nose and mouth the same goes with spreading all the little nasties that cause acne, breakouts and more. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but when you have a pimple, blackhead or the slightest impurity on your face, please, do not pick at it, but let it heal on its own.


  1. Clean your phone daily

Your phone is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and when you press it against your skin to answer a call, you’re giving those nasties a free pass to settle in on your skin! Give your phone a good sanitise regularly and try not to place it directly onto your face.


  1. Avoid junk food

You are what you eat. It may sound cliché, but it’s true! If you’re binging on oily, greasy junk food and your calorie intake is mainly coming from snacks, your skin is going to pay the price. It’s time to mix up your diet and fill up on healthy fats like salmon and avocado.


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