Set a new standard this year and vision a happy and healthy life. Do not make it a resolution as this is only a wish list , make it a vision as vision is something that you have power on to create a lasting change.

Happy and Healthy….Did you know that having a positive attitude in life can improve your immune system and may even help you live longer?!
Research has shown that people who focus on positive information rather than negative information are better able to deal with stressful situations, take a more positive long-term view on life, and maintain positive social interactions. All of this boosts health and well-being and reinforces the idea that a happy mind equals a healthy body.

Spring clean your mind: Practise mindfulness to unclutter your mind and ready yourself for the new, brighter year. Mindfulness is simply being in the moment now – no more focussing on pointless regrets in the past or fear of the future. Take 5 minutes twice a day to calm your busy mind by sitting comfortably closing your eyes and focussing on your breath.

Spring clean your body. Begin with the liver…the major organ of detoxification…by starting your day with the juice of half a lemon, along with a little of the peel, in a cup of warm water. It will boost your liver function and leave you feeling energised.

At La Peau we believe that a happy and healthy lifestyle together with a good skin care regime is the answer to a healthy glowing skin!

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