4 Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is a form of tattooing that results in permanent makeup that won’t disappear if you shower, swim or even bawl your eyes out. With makeup routines getting longer with all these new product releases every SINGLE DAY, condense your regime a little by trying out cosmetic tattooing.

1- More Shut Eye

Why drag yourself out of bed at 6:30am and sleepily do your makeup routine when you can get in another 20 minutes of sleep in the morning all thanks to your brows and eyes already looking on point. Permanent eyeliner, eyebrows or lips can save you time in the morning EVERY DAY, you can almost roll out of bed and be on your way to work. Almost.

2- Zero maintenance

Your permanent makeup can last through rain, snow and shine whether it be taking a swim in the ocean or crying whilst watching a sad movie. It will always be there. You won’t ever have to worry about how you look and have to repeatedly check yourself out in the mirror (Or you still can. No judgement).

3- Cost savings

Makeup prices are getting pretty expensive these days and if you wear it every day, that’s thousands of dollars every year!! Cosmetic tattooing is a one-off cost and can generate cost savings in the long run where you won’t have to be adding liquid eyeliner or brow gel to your shopping basket.

4- Assistance with Impairments

Individuals who have Parkinson’s disease or impaired motor skills may find it physically difficult to apply makeup due to less mobile coordination skills. Cosmetic tattooing can mend these difficulties by enabling individuals to look their best without the makeup fuss. Amazing!!

We offer cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows, eye liner and lips.

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Cosmetic Tattooing


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