How to rejuvenate your skin now that it’s autumn!

Autumn is here, and that means one thing! It’s time to revamp your skincare regime to combat the dry skin this season brings. The great news is that Autumn is the perfect transition time. Switching up your skincare routine can assist in repairing any damage that occurred during the Summer season & can also help prepare your skin for the Winter months!
In the cooler Autumn period, the temperate drops & the air gets dryer, stealing your glow and leaving you with a lacklustre complexion. Don’t panic, these simple steps can slide easily into your skincare routine and can assist in maintaining that precious moisture your skin needs & craves!

1. Exfoliate less and rejuvenate with the appropriate facial treatments.

While we encourage exfoliating in summer to get rid of dead skin cells and to make sure our skin is glowing. We recommend exfoliating less in the cooler months of autumn as it can strip the skin of its natural oils and causes further dryness and irritation.
We have put together 2 great packages this Autumn, that will help keep your skin glowing all season long! Our Fresh Refresh Package & our ‘Collagen Skin Bootcamp’.
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2. Moisturise

You must use the right kind of moisturiser to help maintain the balance of your skin. A thicker moisturiser is an absolute must for autumn. Don’t forget to not only moisturise your face but the rest of your body as well! The GERnétic Body Milk is a hydrating Body Milk complexed formulation that brings back firmness and hydration to the skin and enhances the extracellular collagen synthesis. It is nutritive and regenerating

3. Skip the hot shower.

Our first instinct is to turn the water temperature up as the weather cools down. While this may be relaxing, it is not beneficial to our skin as piping hot baths and showers dry out our skin and strip the skin of its natural moisture and healthy oils. Hot water can cause nasty skin inflammation, so skip the hot shower, go for warm instead which can rejuvenate the skin and help your skin retain its moisture!

If you are not one for surgical or invasive procedures, HIFU treatment is the perfect solution for you! Compared to surgical facelift surgery, HIFU is an affordable and effective alternative with speedy recovery times. So, after the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities!

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