Too often, winter is considered as a time to choose a richer moisturizer, but it’s also a good time to reconsider how you cleanse your skin.

Cleansing is the first and essential step to the well-being of the skin and helps you achieve optimum results from a skincare routine. The skin requires a cleanser that respects its delicate nature. Cleansing should not strip the skin of its natural hydrolipidic film, instead it should reinforce this natural protective barrier that keeps the skin soft, comfortable and never taut.

Pollution and sebum excess clog your skin’s pores and tarnish your complexion. Even the best creams will have no effect on your skin if you are still wearing make-up. Your very first beauty routine to preserve a clear and luminous complexion is to thoroughly remove the make-up, without causing damage to the skin. Face cleansing is fundamental for maintaining the skin’s healthy condition.

Knowing which cleanser suits your skin type is very important.

The Glyco Cleansing milk in the GERnetic range is a smooth, refreshing delicate cleanser rich in glycoproteins – which are one of the fundamental constituents of skin tissue. This silky smooth, richly textured make-up remover,with the natural rich oil of Calendula deeply, yet delicately eliminates all trace of make-up, bringing comfort and softness and leaving your skin clear, smooth and refreshingly clean.

Medik8 cleansers are available for all skin types, using mild cleansing agents derived from corn, sugar and coconut oil. Medik8 cleansers do not contain any harsh sulphate detergents or paraben preservatives, ensuring a very gentle action, yet remarkable deep cleansing action with effective make-up removal.

Maximise your skincare results this winter and treat your skin with the right cleanser for your skin needs.
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