Can LED Light Therapy Treat My Acne?


Everyone wants clear, flawless skin and anything short of that can lower your self-esteem and create a lack of self-confidence, especially if you are struggling with a skin condition like acne. If you feel like you have tried every product, treatment and trend out there but you’re still at odds with clear skin, LED Light Therapy might be for you!


Firstly, what is LED Light Therapy? LED Light Therapy is a treatment that uses wavelengths of light which penetrate deep into your cells, red light LED stimulates cellular activity which produce collagen and blue light LED kills Propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria that lives beneath the skin surface). Both, red and blue LED lights to do not contain UV rays and are very safe to use on the skin.


What should you expect after the therapy? LED Light Therapy is non-invasive meaning no downtime is needed and you can immediately resume your everyday tasks. While, you may begin to see immediate results, it is recommended to have a course of 6-12 treatments either weekly or fortnightly to achieve ultimate results.


Do the “at-home” LED devices really work? You may find it appealing, treating yourself with LED Therapy in the comfort of your own home for a one-time cost. However, the at-home devices are just not as effective as the treatment you will receive at a skin clinic, especially if it is a skin condition like acne that you are treating. When it comes to your health you want to be sure you are receiving quality and expert attention. Small details like the calibration of the light and protective eyewear will be missed if you try to treat yourself.


If you are still not convinced on LED Light therapy, you will be when you realise how quick a session is. All you need to set aside is 20 minutes! You can schedule a session in on your lunch break or in between appointments it is that simple. If you are ever unsure on what next step to take in treating a skin concern, book in a consultation with your aesthetician. That is what we are here for!



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