Skincare: Then and Now

It’s been thirty years since La Peau first opened its doors and since then, a lot has changed within the skincare and beauty industry. The way we think about and take care of our skin has almost completely evolved! Keep reading to find out some of the key differences between skincare then and skincare now.

Then: We Used Microbeads to Exfoliate
Back in the day, plastic microbeads were all the rage in skincare! Many facial cleansers contained tiny plastic beads which were designed to scrub off all your dead skin cells and bacteria. While these are still around, they certainly aren’t favoured by skincare specialists or environmentalists. Microbeads not only turned out to be harmful to the wildlife living in rivers, lakes, and oceans – they also turned out to be bad for our skin. Dermatologists found that plastic microbeads could cause dryness, abrasions, and cause the skin to become prone to irritation. Ever since, chemical exfoliants have emerged as a gentler, environmentally friendly alternative to microbead products. Chemical exfoliants, such as alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy, are acids that remove dead skin cells. These new innovative products have been proven to unclog pores, reduce signs of aging, and protect the skin from free radical damage.

Now: We’re Smarter with SPF

In the past, many people didn’t apply sunscreen every day. Instead, sunscreen application was limited to beach days. However, as the rates of skin cancer began to rise, sunscreen use became a higher priority. In 1988, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first product that promised to protect the skin from UVA rays. Before this, sunscreens only claimed protection from UVB rays. In the 1990s, spray and gel sunscreens began to emerge. In this same decade, everyday products such as foundation and moisturiser began to include SPF and the levels of protection in sunscreen increased. Since then, sunscreen has become an essential, everyday product – not only for our safety, but for aesthetic purposes as well. The benefits of wearing sunscreen include reduced redness and hyperpigmentation, and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. Today, sun protection products must clearly state the SPF level and whether or not they are broad-spectrum, emphasising the importance of sun safety.

Then: Toners Were Astringents

About 20 years ago, toners were an essential part of most skincare routines, designed to remove excess makeup residue and leave the skin squeaky clean. Most toners were formulated with alcohol to fight bacteria and dissolve ingredients that were not water-soluble, leaving the skin essentially oil-free to touch. However, the days of using alcohol-based liquids to treat our acne are long gone. Dermatologists and beauty experts began to frown upon harsh alcohol-based skin products which leave the skin feeling tight, irritated, and stripped of moisture. Toners have undergone a complete transformation, being redesigned into a product that simultaneously cleans and hydrates the skin. Many toners contain antioxidant boosting ingredients that are corrective for specific skin concerns. The days of dehydrating your skin with astringent products are gone. The new and improved toners of today have all the benefits of alcohol-based toners, but with added restorative improvements!

Now: Our Values Are Changing

Thirty years ago, you probably weren’t too concerned about what ingredients were being used in your skincare products. Today, people are becoming more and more conscious of what goes into the products they are putting on their face. The clean beauty movement has transformed the skincare and beauty industries, encouraging people to exclusively purchase products that have been created without synthetic chemicals and ingredients that could harm your body or irritate your skin. Diversity is also celebrated in skincare more than ever before, with consumers opting for niche, independent brands from all over the world. The bottom line is that we have certainly become more skincare-savvy over the years! Thanks to new technologies and experiences, the skincare world is forever changing.

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