Why waking up early in Summer is the key to a happier life.

Morning people really are happier people, according to science! It turns out, the early bird does get the worm… You may want to rethink hitting your snooze button in the morning as the time you decide to rise and shine could impact your overall mental and physical health.
Here are some reasons why you should get up early tomorrow:

More time to yourself

Give yourself more time to sip that tea slowly while thinking about your day or just simply enjoying sitting outside enjoying the sunrise. It can help you prepare you to face a hectic day feeling a little more chill.


If working out is important to you, but you often struggle to find the time, getting up early could be the ticket. Getting your exercise in first thing remedies the temptation to skip workouts because of job or social commitments later in the day or plain old tiredness.

Helps Your Skin Look Healthy

After a night of restful sleep, our skin is at its best first thing in the morning. And if you’re an early riser, you can take advantage of the morning hours to give your skin some extra TLC. Early morning risers can also use the extra time to moisturize and cleanse. People who wake up early also tend to have regular sleeping habits (unlike the night owls who keep erratic sleeping schedules). Having a predictable sleep routine ensures that your skin gets proper time to rejuvenate.

Better Concentration

Starting your day early improves your concentration. In addition to being able to focus on goals and task lists without being interrupted by family members or co-workers, getting up early means that by the time you get to work, you’ve had hours to properly adapt yourself to the day. You’ll be more alert during peak hours as a result.

Helps You to Sustain a Healthier Diet

People who wake up early tend to eat breakfast, while later risers are often rushing out the door and have to grab something convenient (i.e. unhealthy), or they skip the meal altogether. The problem with skipping breakfast is that it leads to poorer eating habits later in the day.

Enhances your Productivity

The most successful people report that they’re up at 5am, or even earlier. Early risers tend to be more productive for a variety of reasons, including Having more time to focus on important tasks while the rest are asleep. Our brains tend to be most alert in the morning. If you’re able to focus without interruptions early in the day, you’ll get more done. You tend to make better decisions and think more clearly in the morning than in the afternoon and evening. Setting your goals first thing will help you achieve them.
If you can manage to get out of bed early, you’ll find that you have more energy throughout the day.
Try waking up earlier this week and see what kind of a difference it makes in your attitude, energy levels, and productivity. Oh, and of course your skin health.

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