Can Microdermabrasion Get Rid of Blackheads?

Short answer is, yes! Microdermabrasion is a fantastic treatment for blackheads or any type of blemish or scarring. If you want to know a little more information about Microdermabrasion and if it might be good for you, read on!


What causes blackheads?

Our skin is covered in tiny holes called pores, these pores are mostly on our nose, forehead and cheeks. At the base of every pore is a hair follicle, which body hair grows from. Pores secrete tones of oil and sweat, but it is a good thing because it helps keep our skin healthy and protected. The oil in our pores sometimes causes clogging and this turns into a blackhead.


How does Microdermabrasion help?

During a microdermabrasion treatment, gentle abrasive crystals are passed over the skin, this loosens the dead skin and excess dirt of the surface layer of the skin while also removing the blackhead. The more treatments the more blackheads are removed of course. Microdermabrasion also speeds up cell renewal, which means your skin will ‘slough’ more quickly and efficiently, therefore less blackhead will form. Deep cleansing, exfoliation and rejuvenation is what makes microdermabrasion so effective.

Does it work on all skin types?

All skin types can benefit from microdermabrasion! Although, if you are particularly sensitive to skin treatments it’s best to talk to us first so we can recommend what’s right for you.

What can you do at home to minimise blackheads?

Ensure that you’re cleansing your skin daily and thoroughly, especially in the evenings and use light moisturisers that aren’t going to clog up your pores. Using mixed acids like glycolic and salicylic are also really effective!

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